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Positive effect of electromassager

What is an electromassager

An electromassager is a very important device which is used for obtaining vertical and horizontal massage tapping movements. This is normally performed by a therapist with an electronic designed specifically for that purpose. The electromassager is applied on any part of the body which can receive massage strokes. It is also famous for healing in abuse therapy (Therapie von Drogenabhängigen).

The following are the positive effect of electromassager:

It is used as a pain reliever

Recent studies from Caritas Mannheim have recommended the use of electromassager as a method of pain relief which doesn’t involve the use of drugs. The massage normally does this by the creation of numbness in the affected area. In addition to that, the massage assists in relaxation of mussels around the pain site. Moreover, it can reduce further the pain. Therefore, this technique is applicable for relieving pain in the affected area.

Physical therapy

People with serious physical injury have numerous problems especially in strengthening of their injured limbs. Electromassager are customized to assist people who have specific heath issue or injury.

It acts as a weight loss potential

Most of the people have been attracted to electromassager because it can assist one to lose weight. However, one can not lose weight instantly. Electromassager will assist you to lose weight in a slow and incremental manner.

Improves immune functions

When electromassager device is used, there is a high level of muscle contractions which is experienced. As a result, stimulation of muscles will result in increase in blood circulation. The blood pressure of the body will drop and the body will carry more oxygen to the cells of the body. Consequently, blood pressure of the body will drop and you will regain more energy.

It raises metabolism

Electromassager is similar to other forms of exercises because it will raise your metabolism. As the muscle becomes stronger, your blood circulation will improve and you will regain more energy. In fact, it will enable you to burn fats and calories faster. This will result in increased in metabolism. When the metabolism increases, you will burn more fat even if you are not working.

It strengthens bones and muscles

Electromassager enables the contraction of your muscles in the rate of 30 to 50 times. As a result, your muscle fibers will become strong. This will lead to increase in muscle density and increased in strength. Apart from that, electromassager will also improve coordination, posture and balance. Nevertheless, the bone density will become strong.


The information highlighted above are some of the positive effects of electromassager. Therefore, you need to use the device since it is beneficial.