Healing back pain

How to heal back pain with electromassager?

Most cases of back pain can be associated with a specific cause such as injury, muscle strain or irritation of the muscles, ligaments, joints or tendons (source Arztpraxis Gougnova “Tense Therapie”). Pain may be severe or mild. Back pain a times may worsen when you lay down at night or when you maintain the same sitting posture for a very long period.

Here are some of the back pains that can be healed by Markelov’s stimulator.

  • Middle or upper back pain

It occurs anywhere between the bottom of the rib cage and the base of the neck that is the thoracic spine. If the nerve is injured or trapped behind the rib cage pain may occur. These kind of pain causes sharp, dull and a burning pain.

  • Pain in the lower back.

These moves down the buttocks and may affect either legs or one. Maybe a sign of sciatica.

  • Back Neck stiffness and pain
  • Pain at the back of the shoulders and elbows.

This kind of pain makes it hard to drive, dress or sleep. Read more here.

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Luxury and comfort for psychological well-being

Massaging is the secret to luxury and comfort. It leaves a person comfortable, relaxed and psychological* well-being. No wonder the proliferation of massage equipment has hit the ground running in the recent times. There are several massage equipment but Markelov’s simulator deserves standing ovation.

Experience with various users.

The patient’s first experience it means to be in intensive care and lose ability in moving the device over the desired muscle region. They have great hope in the physiotherapy stimulator to have a great impact on the future. Some of the weight lifters have found great help by use of this device, for instance one of the users recovered from a spine fracture injury and currently experiencing healthy life in a rehabilitation center. Some of the patients with problems concerning cervical spine, knee joint and shoulder pains have recommended a quick recovery of only half an hour by the help of this simulator device. It has also given them a lesser expenses of visiting their personal doctors for such issues.

Psychological impact of massages

From some of the patients they have got their back strengthened and recovered from a side effect of a heartburn. Those with enlarged lymph nodes were healed without taking serious treatments but only used the device with homeopathicointments for a couple of days and a great change was noticed when the lymph was once more normal. The device has also been used to massage injuries in horses’ body that resulted to a great performance of the horse after a very short period of use. The only problem quoted is that the device is not wide spread to all the people to fight diseases and is yet fully explored. A lot of appreciation is posted by the users of this device and listed to be truthful and objective. Many are encouraged to use it especially the adults in order to increase its popularity.

The success of this device.

The massage device is done without penetration in the body of the patient; it is also not rectally and non-invasively. As the patient uses the device there is No pain or discomfort!
The procedure is not specific to one part of the body but can take place in any convenient place chosen by the patient and at any time, you choose, without a doctor! The massage can be conducted while driving or at home. A great change is noted after a few massage procedures, which is quick and effective. In this case, this device is used through Russia over 3000 devices. If the buyer does not like the device, a full refund is given. The device also has a number of contraindications; in this case, you cannot use the device if you have the following diseases:

1. Systemic blood diseases.
2. Malignant tumors.
3. Significant loss of weight (cachexia).
4. Hypertensive heart disease stage II-III.
5. Pronounced cerebral atherosclerosis.
6. Diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation.
7. Bleeding and tendency for bleeding.
8. The general bad state of health.
9. Febrility (body temperature over 38 degree).
10. Epilepsy with frequent seizures.
11. Psychosis* with symptoms of agitation.
12. Cutaneous lesions in the area of the electrode application.
13. Pregnancy.
14. Presence of embedded cardiac pacemaker or other implanted stimulator.
15. Implants containing metal parts in the treatment area.

The massage improves the muscle tone associated with exercising the elevator muscles, and pelvic floor muscles. It offers prolonged effect and the device does not overtaxmuscles unlike other stimulators.it also used for the treatment and prevention of other diseases, for example: ·

· Arthritis

· Osteoarthritis

· Apoplectic attack

· Mastitis

· Myositis

· Periarthritis

· Recurring dislocation

· Scoliosis

To the user it enhances the patient condition by opening the ducts and facilitating the movement of fluid. It also has pre- defined programs that allow the user to choose the desired muscles vibration. The prostrate massage has effective strength and depth due to the different waveforms. The simulator affect larger area of prostrate than the finger massage.it also offers the effect of muscle pump which help in effective removal of fluids from the prostrate and in this case it gets rid of any swellings and uncomfortable feeling allowing the prostrate to have supply of blood which is saturated with oxygen and nutrients.

Happiness when using the device:

It does not cause conflict of muscle layers because the muscles work as a single system. The device has a depth effect, which is more effective to the body of the user. It forces the contraction of all muscles to the total depth with the maximum intensity that means it does not only affect the surface muscles or those under the electrode only. This deep contraction that improves the muscle tone in that specific area can be used to animate the muscles that have begun to atrophy. The most outstanding advantage is that it does not provoke muscle wasting.

In conclusion, the Markelov’s simulator introduces people to passion of the most profound kind. Perhaps that is why the demand for this product has grown in leaps and bounds in the recent times.

How to use electromassager?

It can also be a pain like you see in this funny video:

welness massage

Positive effect of electromassager

What is an electromassager

An electromassager is a very important device which is used for obtaining vertical and horizontal massage tapping movements. This is normally performed by a therapist with an electronic designed specifically for that purpose. The electromassager is applied on any part of the body which can receive massage strokes. It is also famous for healing in abuse therapy (Therapie von Drogenabhängigen).

The following are the positive effect of electromassager:

It is used as a pain reliever

Recent studies from Caritas Mannheim have recommended the use of electromassager as a method of pain relief which doesn’t involve the use of drugs. The massage normally does this by the creation of numbness in the affected area. In addition to that, the massage assists in relaxation of mussels around the pain site. Moreover, it can reduce further the pain. Therefore, this technique is applicable for relieving pain in the affected area.

Physical therapy

People with serious physical injury have numerous problems especially in strengthening of their injured limbs. Electromassager are customized to assist people who have specific heath issue or injury.

It acts as a weight loss potential

Most of the people have been attracted to electromassager because it can assist one to lose weight. However, one can not lose weight instantly. Electromassager will assist you to lose weight in a slow and incremental manner.

Improves immune functions

When electromassager device is used, there is a high level of muscle contractions which is experienced. As a result, stimulation of muscles will result in increase in blood circulation. The blood pressure of the body will drop and the body will carry more oxygen to the cells of the body. Consequently, blood pressure of the body will drop and you will regain more energy.

It raises metabolism

Electromassager is similar to other forms of exercises because it will raise your metabolism. As the muscle becomes stronger, your blood circulation will improve and you will regain more energy. In fact, it will enable you to burn fats and calories faster. This will result in increased in metabolism. When the metabolism increases, you will burn more fat even if you are not working.

It strengthens bones and muscles

Electromassager enables the contraction of your muscles in the rate of 30 to 50 times. As a result, your muscle fibers will become strong. This will lead to increase in muscle density and increased in strength. Apart from that, electromassager will also improve coordination, posture and balance. Nevertheless, the bone density will become strong.


The information highlighted above are some of the positive effects of electromassager. Therefore, you need to use the device since it is beneficial.